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Why Choose UPTG For Property Tax?

The bottom line is that whether you’re a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 company, United Paramount Tax Group is a full-service property tax consulting firm capable of maximizing your tax savings no matter where your properties are located.

Client Focused: Our clients are our most valuable asset. By placing their trust in our experience and expertise, they not only save millions of dollars year after year but also the valuable time it takes to handle this important matter. At UPTG, we understand that as a property owner you are busy overseeing a business or your investment. We will save you both time and money.

Serve All 50 States: We work for a myriad of companies in a variety of industries and property types, from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of their size or location, we protect their business investments with our dedication to achieve maximum tax savings.

Licensed Senior Property Tax Consultants: We understand that many property/business owners have had experiences with other property tax consulting firms or with the appraisal districts themselves. We can say with confidence that UPTG has the utmost in seasoned, quality, licensed senior property tax consultants to be your advocate for lowering property taxes. Furthermore, at UPTG we pride ourselves on the professional relationships that we have cultivated with the appraisal districts from years of working across the table from them. While we aggressively pursue reductions on our client’s behalf, the appraisers respect that they are dealing with consultants who are equipped with the knowledge and resources to ensure fair and equitable taxation for our clients.

Support Full Appeals Process: The protest and appeal process can be difficult and time consuming. Our licensed Senior Property Tax Consultants will research and analyze your properties, protest your property values and attend both informal and formal hearings on your behalf. UPTG is also ready to file binding arbitration or litigation on accounts we feel did not get a fair assessment through the formal protest process.

Valuation Experts: Because no two properties are the same, UPTG implements many different valuation approaches. We consider all possibilities before determining how to best fight each property assessment. We know which approach will be most conducive to acquiring the maximum tax reduction and utilize it at the Appraisal Review Board on your behalf.

Contingency Fee-Based: As UPTG is a contingency fee-based firm, rest assured we will do all we can to save you the most we can. Depending on the type of property and situation, it may be necessary for UPTG to acquire additional information from the property owner in order to maximize savings. While technology has made it much easier to analyze properties from afar, if we feel that a visit to your property is in order and it will help to garner a reduction on your account, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you for one of our consultants to visit and conduct an on-site analysis.


</p> <h3>What does a property tax consultant do?</h3> <p>

A property tax consultant provides tax assessment and tax management services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. At UPTG, we have professional property tax consultants who can help you or your business minimize the taxes and administrative costs you need to pay to the government. Not only that, but our tax consultants can also give you strategies on how to lower your property taxes and assess their values.

</p> <h3>What does total assessment mean on property taxes?</h3> <p>

Total assessment refers to the assessed value of your property. It is a yearly estimation of your property’s worth, determined by your tax district’s municipal property assessor. Local tax officials use the value to calculate the property taxes you pay on your property each year.

</p> <h3>Do property taxes go up when you refinance?</h3> <p>

Most of the time, refinancing won’t change your property taxes. However, your mortgage company may increase your monthly payment to cover the higher amount if your tax rates increase in any way.

</p> <h3>Are property tax protest companies worth it?</h3> <p>

Some people are in doubt whether to protest their property taxes annually or not. At UPTG, we recommend protesting your property taxes to minimize the cost. This is because the total property taxes you pay are affected by the process’s arbitrary nature. Therefore, there’s a high chance that the appraisal districts have used inaccurate information and an inaccurate model to value your home. There are cases when some houses are overvalued or undervalued, resulting in unequal appraisal.

</p> <h3>How much can Texas property tax increase?</h3> <p>

Property taxes can’t go up too much because a voter’s approval is required. Although too much is subjective, a new Texas law says a city can’t raise property taxes more than 3.5% without voter approval. However, in case of disaster, the tax could rise to 8%.