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Texas Property Tax Consultants: About Us

At UPTG we understand that property owners have many choices when it comes to selecting the right firm to handle the important task of managing your property taxes. Or perhaps you have had experience representing properties yourself at the appraisal district. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, we encourage you to consider allowing UPTG to oversee this important process that can often be difficult to navigate.

Property Tax Consultants

Since 1996, United Paramount Tax Group (UPTG) has been representing real estate and business personal property owners to add money to their bottom line by ensuring fair and equitable taxation. We started with the goal of building a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by serving them year to year by saving valuable bottom line money…property tax dollars.

While we have grown into a firm having saved millions in tax dollars for thousands of clients across the United States, we have not lost sight of what got us here in the first place. Skilled and seasoned property tax consultants and support staff, sophisticated technology and software, an exemplary working relationship with the appraisal districts, and maintaining a personal, communicative relationship with our most valuable asset, our clients.

Unlike other firms, at UPTG our client’s property portfolio does not cater to us, rather we will cater to our client’s property portfolio. No property is too big, too small or too far away for us to handle. Whether it is a small retail strip center, medical office, self-storage, hotel/motel, restaurant, industrial, multi-family residential, financial institutions, business personal property or a high-rise office building, etc., UPTG is equipped to fulfill any and all of your property tax needs. Do you have out of state properties? No problem, while UPTG’s corporate offices are in Texas, we service clients and properties all over the United States.

Texas Property Tax Consultants

UPTG serves as your advocate for any and all property tax needs. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 company, UPTG has the experience, knowledge and resources to provide maximum tax savings to you anywhere in the country.

As business and property owners ourselves, we understand the effect that property taxes can have on your bottom line. With this in mind, many years ago we set out with a goal of helping other business and property owners maximize their tax savings. What started as a small operation serving local property owners has now grown into one of the premier property tax consulting firms in the industry representing properties nationwide.

While we have expanded our operation, we have not lost sight of what got us here in the first place… client focused, quality conscious property tax consulting services designed to ensure fair and equitable taxation maximizing your bottom line.


How to apply for property tax reduction?

Texas’ property tax is a type of tax that is locally based and administered. The state offers either partial or total exemptions from appraised property values because it determines local property taxes. For partial exemption, a specific property percentage’s value is removed while for total exemption, the entire property from taxation is excluded.

When applying for property tax exemptions, know that these are filed with appraisal districts. If you want to have an application for property tax exemption, it should be filed before May 1. The appraisal district is responsible for determining whether a specific property qualifies for the exemption or not. If you are considering filing the said application, you may consult with us first and learn what you need to do when filing for tax reduction.

What is the cost if I win a property tax reduction?

Owning a home is indeed fulfilling because it becomes your property. But one problem that most homeowners face is paying property taxes. These refer to the real estate taxes, which local governments calculate but must be paid by homeowners. Property taxes are assessed according to the value of your property because they are considered as ad valorem. The worst part is Texas’ taxes become higher as time passes by. If you win a property tax reduction, you will pay less for the tax because you can reduce your tax bills or be exempted.

What are the available property tax exemptions in Texas?

The following are the available property tax exemptions in Texas:

  • General Residence Homestead – The state’s law requires school districts to offer a $25,000 exemption on residence homesteads.
  • Age 65 or Older or Disabled – Disabled people or those who are 65 years of age or older can get an additional $10,000 exemption from school taxes in Texas.
  • Disabled Veteran – You can get up to $12,000 tax exemption if you are a disabled veteran. However, the exact amount depends on your age and disability rating. Only vets who are 70% disabled or are 65 or older and have a disability rating of at least 10% can get the $12,000 tax exemption. This also applies to veterans who are blind in one or both eyes or have lost one or both limbs.

Veteran’s Surviving Spouse and Minor Children – The veteran’s surviving spouse, who has not remarried, can also receive the same exemption that the veteran was at the time of his or her death. This also applies to the surviving spouse and the minor children of a military person who has died while on active duty.

What is the real estate tax rate in Texas?

Texas’ property taxes are the seventh-highest in the United States. This is because the average effective property tax rate in the Lone Star State is 1.69%. Unlike the national average of 1.07%, a typical Texas homeowner pays $3,390 annually in property taxes.

Which city in Texas has the highest property taxes?

El Paso, Texas, has the highest property taxes in the state with the following details:

  • Effective property tax rate: 2.13%
  • Median property taxes paid: $3,136
  • Median home value: $133,600
  • Median household income (owner-occupied homes): $61,830