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Michael Bowman Hunt & Hunt, Ltd.

UPTG has been a trusted partner for our company for over 15 years. The group is very professional while supporting all efforts to save our firm the maximum amount of tax savings. I am highly satisfied with their services, quality of work and would not hesitate recommending them to other organizations.

Wayne Mansur Texoma Community Credit Union

United Paramount is a valuable business partner for Texoma Community Credit Union. They are very easy to work with. If they do not save us actual tax dollars, it doesn’t cost us anything. When their work does result in our paying less taxes they earn their fee, which still results in us saving significantly more money.

O.Z. Helmer D.D.S.

I am impressed with the level of tax savings that UPTG a Source Advisors Company provided our practice. I only wish we would had used them sooner

David Fuller Point Bank

In our first year partnering with UPTG, our expectations were greatly exceeded. Their attention to detail with each of our branch locations resulted in significant property tax savings to several of these locations. I recommend their service to any financial institution.

Stan Browning Landstar Homes Dallas, Ltd.

UPTG a Source Advisors Company has been a valuable partner to Landstar Homes over the years. Despite the size of our real property portfolio, spread across several counties, United Paramount’s attention to detail continues to save us significant tax dollars year after year. These property tax savings go directly to our company’s bottom line.

Deborah B Wilkinson First State Bank of Texas

During these last three years United Paramount has saved this bank and several of our affiliated banks substantial sums, well in excess of $500,000 in taxes. These savings go straight to our bottom line.

Glen Quon IHOP Inc. (Former Tax Manager)

UPTG has provided us extraordinary service as well as fantastic results. The larger firms are hesitant to send their top people to meet with clients and gather data over several days. However, UPTG did just that with us. This dedication resulted in saving our franchisees over $100,000 each year over the last 3 years. They’ve made me look good, and I welcome the opportunity to do the same for them.