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South Dakota (SD) Property Tax Info

Property Tax Rank in US (best =1) 22
Corporate Tax Rank in US (best =1) 1
Sales Tax Rank in US (best =1) 35
Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate 1.30%
Is Personal Property Taxable No 
South Dakota State Website
Capital Pierre
Largest City Sioux Falls
Largest Metro Area 265,653
Other Details

South Dakota Property Tax Rate

Across South Dakota, the average effective property tax rate is 1.22%. This surpasses both the national average of 1.07% and the average in North Dakota, which is 0.99%.

South Dakota Property Tax Rate - personal property tax

Across the state, the average effective property tax rate is 1.22%. Homeowners living in a primary residence in South Dakota are eligible for a tax rate reduction. Property taxes in South Dakota can be levied by any of the following tax authorities: school districts, cities, townships, counties, water districts and additional special districts for specific purposes such as fire protection or sanitary systems.

Important Dates

For Real Property

  • South Dakota Property Tax Filing Deadline Exempt
  • South Dakota Property Tax Appeal Deadline 15-Mar, Thursday before the 3rd Monday

For Business Personal Property

  • BPP Filing (Rendition) Deadline Exempt
  • BPP Appeal Deadline Exempt