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Maryland (MD) Property Tax Info

Property Tax Rank in US (best =1) 42
Corporate Tax Rank in US (best =1) 32
Sales Tax Rank in US (best =1) 19
Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate 1.10%
Is Personal Property Taxable Yes 
Maryland State Website
Capital Annapolis
Largest City Baltimore
Largest Metro Area 2,802,789

Important Dates

For Real Property

  • Maryland Property Tax Filing Deadline Apr 15
  • Maryland Property Tax Appeal Deadline Within 45 days of the date of the Notice of Assessment

For Business Personal Property

  • BPP Filing (Rendition) Deadline April 15 (60 day extension available)
  • BPP Appeal Deadline Feb, In-cycle properties (reassessing Jan. 1) 45 days from assessment notice

Maryland Property Tax Rate

Maryland  Property Taxes on real estate in Maryland account for a significant portion of both of city and county budgets, funding local services like public education and fire protection. Maryland’s average effective tax rate of 1.06% is about equal to the national average.

Maryland Property Tax Rate - personal property tax

Maryland’s average effective property tax rate of 1.06% is just below the national average, which is 1.07%. However, because Maryland generally has high property values, Maryland homeowners pay more in annual property taxes than homeowners in most other states.