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Maine (ME) Property Tax Info

Property Tax Rank in US (best =1) 43
Corporate Tax Rank in US (best =1) 38
Sales Tax Rank in US (best =1) 8
Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate 1.40%
Is Personal Property Taxable Yes 
Maine State Website
Capital Augusta
Largest City Portland
Largest Metro Area 535,420

Important Dates

For Real Property

  • Maine Property Tax Filing Deadline Varies locally
  • Maine Property Tax Appeal Deadline Within 6 months of Commitment Date

For Business Personal Property

  • BPP Filing (Rendition) Deadline Usually Between April 15 and May 1
  • BPP Appeal Deadline Jan 1

Maine Property Tax Rate

Maine property tax Rates vary significantly depending on where you live, however. For example, the average effective rate in Hancock County is 1.00%, lowest in the state. On the other hand, the average effective rate in Androscoggin County is 1.71%, highest in the state.

Maine Property Tax Rate - personal property tax

Property tax rates in Maine are well above the U.S. average. The state’s average effective property tax rate is 1.30%, while the national average is currently around 1.07%. The typical Maine resident will pay $2,597 a year in property taxes.