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Maine (ME) Property Tax Info

Property Tax Rank in US (best =1) 43
Corporate Tax Rank in US (best =1) 38
Sales Tax Rank in US (best =1) 8
Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate 1.40%
Is Personal Property Taxable Yes 
Maine State Website
Capital Augusta
Largest City Portland
Largest Metro Area 535,420
Other Details

Maine Property Tax Rate

Maine property tax Rates vary significantly depending on where you live, however. For example, the average effective rate in Hancock County is 1.00%, lowest in the state. On the other hand, the average effective rate in Androscoggin County is 1.71%, highest in the state.

Maine Property Tax Rate - personal property tax

Property tax rates in Maine are well above the U.S. average. The state’s average effective property tax rate is 1.30%, while the national average is currently around 1.07%. The typical Maine resident will pay $2,597 a year in property taxes.

Important Dates

For Real Property

  • Maine Property Tax Filing Deadline Varies locally
  • Maine Property Tax Appeal Deadline Within 6 months of Commitment Date

For Business Personal Property

  • BPP Filing (Rendition) Deadline Usually Between April 15 and May 1
  • BPP Appeal Deadline Jan 1